On Becoming A Spectacular Liar.

Rob Brezsny wrote this horoscope for Gemini (which I am):

In the coming weeks, you Geminis could be skillful and even spectacular liars. You will have the potential to deceive more people, bend more truths, and even fool yourself better than anyone else. On the other hand, you will also have the knack to channel this same slipperiness in a different direction. You could tell imaginative stories that rouse people from their ruts. You might explore the positive aspects of Kurt Vonnegut’s theory that we tend to become what we pretend to be. Or you could simply be so creative and playful and improvisational in everything you do that you catalyze a lot of inspirational fun. Which way will you go?

Now, I certainly don’t believe in Rob Brezsny reading the future. But. Who doesn’t love foreknowledge of skillful and spectacular lying?

I design jewelry, being creative is how I fund the fun and sometimes necessary extra things that occur in day to day life. Sometimes it’s a weekend in Disney, sometimes it’s tree removal… Anyways, I’m also almost paralyzingly introverted and part of living this creative life means I have to sell my work. To strangers. While smiling. In show type public settings. It is in those situations where “this same slipperiness” helps me so much. (though I attribute it to years of training in acting and social situations, not interstellar juju)