Pilgrims never wore leggings.

Yikes- over a month since I’ve posted!

I was thinking about “Leggings aren’t pants” this week. Someone who I like very much said to me “Erin, promise me you won’t let your girls wear leggings as pants.”  To which I had to reply: “No.”

I can’t make that promise, I won’t, leggings as pants are *in* right now, as a child I dressed like a pilgrim because of my parents’ religion, I never fit in or dressed like my peers.  I did my best with what I had but at the end of the day it was obvious that I was not dressing like the rest of the 10 year olds in 1986.  Fashions then were ugly too but who cares? It’s what people were wearing.

So if my girls decide that “leggings as pants” is a trend they want in on, I’m going to ask them what color.  Because when they are 35 and their friends are all talking about “can you even believe we wore that?!” they’ll be able to say “yes!”  and not “No, I was dressed like a pilgrim”