Boom. That happened.

Had this textversation with my husband… who wants to be called Blevvins. So we’ll call him Blevvins.

B (for Blevvins): Alls I’m sayin, is that the only way I know how to celebrate Affleck’s new role is Chinese food. It makes perfect sense. Think about it.

Me: Perfect sense. Chinese food! And applesauce!

Me: I had a thought. Since there is no linear time Ben Affleck has always been Batman.

B (for Blevvins): Still not buying Affleck, cause if there’s no linear time, he has never been Batman. And never should be.

Me: Except that a thing can not Be and Not Be at the same time in the same way.



The Law of Non-Contradiction always applies.

PS- yes, I’m taking liberties with both Einstein and Aristotle. But I can. Because superheroes.